The diversification of the donor landscape provides a timely stimulus for increasing self-reflection on the goals and future direction of European development cooperation. How does the Lisbon Treaty reshape European development cooperation? If you'd like to continue exploring our site, please accept our Cookie Policy. #YouRule, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom. We have just the thing: Candy Colors! Research undertaken under EDC 2020 aimed at understanding the link between energy policies, questions of democracy promotion and development policies. Ms. Kaul argued that we should think more systematically about our own self interest, and to what extent our development policy might be constrained by self interest. Jean pants are always an eye-catcher thanks to the limitless types of fits and colors. 3-Día desde $1,950 MXN 1-Día desde $1,480 MXN. Mr Lundsgaarde pointed out that in Angola and Ethiopia, for example, the limited effectiveness of European policies to promote good governance may be linked more to problems internal to European development cooperation than to China’s presence as an alternative development cooperation partner. What makes it so special? EDC México 2020. EDC México fechas para el tour 2020-21, detalles del evento y mucho más. Encuentra entradas en Ticketmaster MX. Get GA, GA+ and VIP • Enhanced Experience Passes, select from our exclusive Bottle Service packages, rent a locker for the weekend, and even plan your EDC wedding! But now it's time to flip it in reverse. She pointed out that “there is no dilution of European ambition, to the contrary what we are trying to do is to better adapt to the new challenges you have highlighted in the EDC 2020 project”. Natalia Shapovalova, Researcher, FRIDE, followed with a presentation on energy security, democracy and development. Read more, Silence is golden? She pointed out that “global common goods are not all common concerns, they are highly contested, Germany might think differently than China or South Africa” because these common goods have an “uneven distribution of net benefits”. The final conference of the European Development Cooperation to 2020 project (EDC 2020) took place in Brussels on 10 February 2011. Instead, he argued, thinking in terms of long term self interest would give us room to better address Climate Change and energy issues that the EDC 2020 project has found are key to development cooperation. Esta será la sexta edición del festival organizado por Insomniac y Ocesa que se celebra en más de 10 países con los DJ’s más influyentes en el género de la música electrónica. Twinning is uncool? Grab a sweater, skirt or suit in these power colors and enjoy being the center of attention.It's time for you to do your own thing. Speaking of which: the fabulous kerchief is returning to our wardrobes as an indispensable piece this season. Thanks to the new color concept, it’s the perfect companion for every outfit.N.E.O.N.Do you like being the center of attention? How can European Development Cooperation help shape Europe’s role on the global stage? How about a pair of casual denim overalls? You bet! We and our partners process personal data such as IP addresses, unique ID and browsing data for the purposes below. Session report by Ludmila Ceban and Aurélien Lafon, Presentation of the New Actors results by Erik Lundsgaarde, Presentation of the Energy Security, Democracy and Development results by Natalia Shapovalova, Presentation of the Climate Change results by Merylyn Hedger. ¡Aquí todos son bienvenidos! The perfect match: shirts and jackets made of denim in different shades of blue. In the face of this new context, the EU would need to focus on a better division of labour: (i) by improving coherence and (ii) forging new partnerships. That’s why we’re using more and more sustainable materials in our collections. The EDC2020 project is funded by the 7th Framework Programmeunder the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities theme. Inge Kaul, professor at the Hertie School of Governance, Berlin, highlighted several issues that she felt showed inconsistency. Sven Grimm mentioned the possibility of selecting two countries as a high-level exercise for policy coherence for development and come up with a tailor made agenda supported by development and non-development actors (including from member states). She put forward key results of the work undertaken during the last three years. Aunque la fecha aún suena lejana, es importante ir tomando precauciones y comprar los boletos desde antes. New Actors are relevant not just in terms of their increasing presence in development cooperation but also because of their more practical approach to development. ¡Electric Daisy Carnival regresa al Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez con un horario extendido! Erik Lundsgaarde, Researcher at German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE), presented results on New Actors in international development cooperation. The conference examined challenges for European development cooperation. Get ready for sweatshirts and T-shirts featuring our iconic Esprit logos, while dresses and blouses are all about the legendary bandana design. What are the key challenges for European development cooperation? Thomas Lawo, Executive Secretary, EADI, gave a few words to introduce the EDC 2020 project and thanked DG Research for supporting this project before speaking of the necessity to bridge policy and research. Third by promoting greater transparency, for example in committing further to the Extractive Industry Transparency Inititive (EITI). Sven Grimm reacted by acknowledging the daunting external challenges faced by the EU. Sven Grimm, Director of the Centre for Chinese Studies at Stellenbosch University and chair of this session, gave the floor to the team of EDC 2020 lead researchers. Daniel Deybe, project officer at DG Research concluded by thanking the panelists and asking for long term perspective to be further explored and stated again the support DG Research will provide to innovative research on these issues. Forget outdated conventions and norms – it’s time to go your own way. Merylyn Hedger, Researcher, ODI, presented the EDC 2020 results concerning Climate Change and European development cooperation.She put forward key results of the work undertaken during the last three years. Tu boleto te garantiza la entrada a través de las puertas de EDC, donde eres libre de caminar y explorar este colorido mundo. Denim. With regard to EU commitment to poverty reduction and the MDGs: a lot of progress has been made but much remains to be done. Françoise Moreau, Director, DG EuropeAid Development and Cooperation, European Commission, discussed the recent Green Paper after a few remarks on institutional changes at DG DevCo. Ms. Moreau spoke of four major points for future EU development policy: (i) Attract other funds, e.g. Tickets – EDC … Mr. Engel asked the panelists and participants to think of key priorities they would like to communicate to EU policy makers in Brussels. Better for the planet. Especially in fashion. Finally on climate change, DG DevCo will aim at addressing the current fragmentation of climate initiatives. This website is maintained by EADI, Energy security, democracy and development, EDC 2020 Briefing for Parliamentarians on coherence between energy security and development, Extractive Industry Transparency Inititive (EITI), New actors present a challenge for Europe to present a vision of its role in the world, EU development and energy policy urgently need coordinating, The EU should adopt principles in relation to how Climate Change funds are mobilised. A key reaction amongst the participants was the need for greater transparency, a key word throughout two days of debate. Bright pink, yellow and green spice up classics like trench coats and white sneakers by giving them a certain dose of freshness. We believe that social responsibility never goes out of fashion. Merylyn Hedger, Researcher, ODI, presented the EDC 2020 results concerning Climate Change and European development cooperation. Denim. La edición 2020 de EDC va a ser muy especial y superará las expectativas de todos, empezando por la noticia de que ahora el festival se llevará a cabo el 28, 29 de febrero y 1 de marzo. Denim. The Green Paper sends a strong signal on energy, as was discussed during the EDC 2020 Briefing for Parliamentarians on coherence between energy security and development. In this context, lead researchers from the EDC 2020 project presented the results of three years of research on three game changers for European Development Cooperation: (i) New actors, (ii) Energy security, democracy and development and (iii) Climate change. Dare to go your own way. Because nothing looks as cool and casual as the all-over look. It’s your life and your style – but most importantly: it's your rules. Climate finance, she stressed, means new challenges for development cooperation at all scales: there is a need for scaling up funding as well as a need to reassess the overlap in competing initiatives as Climate change initiatives increase in numbers.After taking stock of case studies in Indonesia and Bangladesh, Ms Hedger pointed out the need for clearer monitoring and learning from new investments in climate change initiatives so there can be learning by doing phase. Natalia Shapovalova pointed out several recommendations to remedy this situation. Dare to go your own way. #YouRuleDenim. © European Development Co-operation to 2020 (EDC2020) consortium project. Boletos. That's why these collections are bringing back plenty of styles made from our favorite fabric. Especially when it comes to your style! This spring we’re saying “see ya!” to stereotypes and are celebrating diversity, authenticity and a zest for life. Break the rules. Acompáñennos durante tres días con la mejor música electrónica, atracciones, artistas y arte. We are, she continued, at a threshold of fierce competition between developing countries and OECD countries with the risk of a surging protectionism. First, by pushing for a tight linkage of development and energy policies in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. #YouRule Denim. Inge Kaul suggested creating another G20 type summit dedicated solely to development issues and highly contested common public goods. Second by shifting from the hardware (pipelines) of energy to the software (good governance) of energy policy. Better for you. YOU NEED TO ENABLE JAVASCRIPT TO COMPLETELY ENJOY OUR WEBSITE. However he rejected the idea that self interest would necessarily play against development goals. It’s your life and your style – but most importantly: it's your rules. After stressing the heterogeneity of these actors and their interests, he underlined certain main features: one key commonality is that development cooperation is closely tied to foreign policy; another is that South-South cooperation focuses on mutual benefits and the principle of non-interference, however questionable this may be in terms of success. We use cookies to improve your shopping experience. Retro flair, a modern twist and 100% vegan, PETA certified material. Discover the Spring 2020 Collection and combine the unconventional and cheerful pieces from our womenswear and menswear collections according to your taste. Tie it around your neck, your hair, your wrist or tuck it into your pocket as a highlight – discover the art of bandana styling and wear it how you want.Another accessory that’s making a comeback is the Susie T – the iconic Esprit Bags are back! Rewrite them. The objective of the Green Paper was to build on that progress while looking at how to improve impact of EU development work. El próximo 28, 29 de febrero y 1 de marzo, la Ciudad de México vivirá una nueva edición del E lectric D aisy C arnival en el Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. In that light a priority is to restore trust between donors and recipients. Discover the Spring 2020 Collection and combine the unconventional and cheerful pieces from our womenswear and menswear collections according to your taste. Denim.Jeans from head to toe? The bright colors are also absolutely wearable in everyday life: modestly styled into neutral shades is the perfect way to make them pop – with nuance and style. Boletos para edc. Mr. Engel then opened the debate to participants. Ms. Shapovalova underlined some of the most prominent results: (i) energy and development policy are more interlinked in Africa, (ii) democratic governance is not the driving force in producer countries marred by authoritarian rule and deep internal poverty. Como todos queremos que no te quedes fuera, te dejamos la información del costo de los boletos … Ms Kaul criticized the use of the terms ‘inclusive growth’ and  ‘leveraging’ which she thought were used to conceal bigger problems facing European Development cooperation, such as the failure to reach the Millennium Development Goals by 2015, and to tackle global common good. Mr. Grimm argued for a shift from short term self interest thinking, on the part of development actors including, but not exclusively, China. Comfort Pass. Our spring collections have everything your heart desires.80s Baby!Nobody does stripes and flowers like Esprit, but this season we're going all out with a pattern-twist. Following the presentation of the main scientific results coming out of the EDC 2020 project, Paul Engel, Director, European Centre for Development Policy Management, chaired a debate between Sven Grimm and Inge Kaul on Europe’s global role in development cooperation and the EDC 2020 project’s contribution to a better understanding of EU development cooperation policy. In this context Ms Moreau pointed to the importance of topics investigated under the EDC 2020 project. Compra boletos para EDC México en Ticketmaster MX. from private sources , (ii) look beyond GDP and to inclusive and sustainable growth (iii) use new climate & energy policies as drivers for development and (iv) strengthen food security.